LIGYT, life and Ironman training

Today is a good day to write my second blog as we celebrate the launch of our LIGYT range of training apparel and accessories. It also just so happens to be the 3 year anniversary of our move from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast.

Life in our household has been nothing short of hectic recently, between the usual work and family life with pre-school and school aged kids, I have somehow managed to squeeze in completing a Diploma course to compliment my career in aviation.

Also last year, Matt and I decided we wanted a new challenge for 2021. So we have entered Ironman Cairns together, this race is to be held in June 2021, (covid permitting). This will be my lucky 13th Ironman but my first one in 8 years, and let me tell you, it has been very tough. Trying to get the body to remember all the miles it’s already done….it seems to have forgotten all those years of training, but it does remind me everyday how sore and tired I am. I am doing all my riding on the Kickr using Zwift and my Strava account (yes I am now a Strava wanker) tells me I have spent a total 42hours riding in the garage since January. Summer on the Sunshine Coast means that garage sits at around 30 degrees and the bike is nearly swimming in sweat by the time I finish.

But we are slowly making progress and whilst I wont be racing up the pointy end, I am totally ok with that. Obviously I still want to go fast, but it’s my ‘Present Fast’ not my ‘Past Fast’. As hard as it has been, that feeling of real fitness has to be one of the best feelings ever and I will savior that for as long as I can. I am hoping our bodies can hold up to the challenge, it’s a big ask after all these years, but I yearn to run down that red carpet just one more time.

On top of this, I spend whatever spare time I have leftover working on Inside Kona. Whether its updating the social media accounts and keeping the Kona community inspired throughout covid, doing to never ending Kona countdown or updating the shop front, searching print ideas, and forever looking for new and exciting things to add.

The launch of our LIGYT training apparel see’s months of hard work finally coming to life and is another huge step in our small business journey. Having an even percentage of customers from around the world does make it challenging, especially with covid but the majority of packages arrive within the expected timeframe and our customers have been nothing short of amazing with their patience.


Well I think that wraps up Blog #2. Thanks for reading along, I will post again soon .